Guest post written by my buddy Angelo Cooper

Good thing that we have Direct TV Independence, KS in the kitchen, because I felt like I spent my entire weekend there! My husband’s family came to visit us. This included his parents, his brother and his girlfriend, and his sister, her husband, and their two kids. One of the kids is a brand new baby and his sister really wasn’t feeling up to helping in the kitchen. I felt like I cooked all weekend and didn’t get to visit with anyone. By the time I got done cleaning up after we had breakfast, it would be time to eat lunch. After lunch, I would have to clean the kitchen again. Then, it would be cocktail hour and time for me to start cooking again! I felt like I could never get out of the kitchen. I told my husband that next time we have company, I am certainly NOT going to be cooking every meal. We are going to go out so that I can enjoy myself or we are not going to have company at all.


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