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Did you know that there are more people with a leaking bladder in their 20s than those in their 80s? It may be readily accepted for the elderly, but it can be quite embarrassing for the younger people, especially if it happens and other people noticed. They should know what to wear for bladder leakage and be confident during the day or night.

Did you know that the average age of people with a leaking bladder is only 52? That age is not even of someone who is retired if that person is working! Can you imagine a manager suddenly having wet pants because of laughing so hard or sneezing, in front of other employees? He sure needs incontinence protection to save face and to be more productive instead of worrying that he might just suddenly get wet unnecessarily. This is a serious problem for some people, especially since there are more people who are 50 and under experiencing this than those who are 60 and older!

I’ve talked to some people casually.  Actually, the most insightful of all was a lady in her 50s. I was waiting to be next in line to the public restroom stall when she came rushing in asking if she could go ahead of me. That’s when she said that when I reach her age, incontinence is normal. That’s what her doctor said. Of course I let her go first. Later, I learned that she no longer hurries to the toilet when there is none in speedy reach because she now depends on Depends.  So, how was it and how did it change her life? She said it took awhile to get her to decide to use them, but when her condition was ruining her life, since she often goes places for business, she finally agreed to the idea. Looking back, she said she should have used this bladder leakage protection the moment she realized her problem was frequent and would not get better. That was the first of her tips for bladder leakage. Her second tip was to make sure to use Depend because they really give the needed protection while staying comfortable. They are never bulky and they feels just like cloth. She is so happy with her back to normal lifestyle!

Lives of millions of others can also depend on Depend. There is an ongoing Drop your pants for underwareness movement which is for a charitable cause. For every post that has a photo or video of a pant drop shared using #Underwareness and #DropYourPants, or personal video about what Underwareness means to you that gets uploaded to Youtube with the same hashtags, Depend will donate $1 (up to $3M) over the next 3 years to fund charities that help advance the research, awareness and education of bladder leakage.

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